G.I.G.C. quality policy given attached here clearly defines the commitment to quality and the cultural nature of the process of our management system and quality improvisations.
We provide quality services and products to our customers that meet or exceed customer specifications and requirements.
We will continuously endeavor to overtake our competitors in providing quality services and quality products to our customers. We promise our clients, quality with care and the very best support services, at all times.

Our quality commitments are achieved through a series of ways:

  • Basically we believe that quality should be built in from the beginning and then further managed and planned at every step.
  • Understanding all our customer’s requirements, specifications and applications of products in business and knowing that they are subject to change ,as and when situation predicts.
  • Recognizing that quality improvement is a cultural way of working a sustained effort to improve quality is our continuous process.
  • The quality police and the philosophies of quality management is communicated to each of our internal and external customer, suppliers, associates and patrons.
  • We control our activities to accomplice our goals through a pro-active approach to our business.
  • We have firm belief that quality management is the task and responsible of every one.
  • We make continuous effort for analyzing and monitoring the of our research & latest development, advancement & innovations and other related progress made in the field of industrial , medical, specialty gases and cryogenic engineering.
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