Our History

Gulf Industrial Gases Co.LLC was established in 1994 at Mussafah – the industrial hub of Abu Dhabi by the MH Al Mana Group of Companies. The Group has diverse interests across the Gulf region, and over the last three decades,…

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Quality Plan

Gulf Industrial Gases is committed to high quality in all its products and maintains a constant check on its manufacturing systems and operational procedures. Our rigorous quality control measures all through the manufacturing process ensure products and services that match global standards. Gulf Industrial Gases…

Sales & Distribution

In keeping with our commitment of customer satisfaction, it is imperative that we adhere to high standards in quality, reliability and safety. Prompt delivery of products is curcial, and to this end, the sales team…

Range of Services

Range Of Services Gulf industrial Gases Co. has developed a modern gas manufacturing facility to ensure its customers a constant supply of high quality gases…

Plant Capacities

Nitrous Oxide N20 Plant-Boc-India
Produce n2o by the decomposition of ammonium nitrate which is purified, compressed, dried and liquefied and stored in storage batteries. Nitrous more
Hydrogen Plant-Mvs Engineering-India

Modern state of the art plant producing hydrogen by the electrolysis of water.

  • Plant capacity: 5000 scf/day
  • Hydrogenmore
Carbon Dioxide Plant:-Asco-Switzerland

Kerosene is cracked and the co2 evolved is adsorbed in m e a solution which is further desorbed, purified, compressed, liquefied and stored in tankmore

Acetylene Plant-Sanghi Overseas-India
Produced acetylene by the reaction of calcium carbide and water with a purity of 97% installed capacity : 145 M3/Hr.more
Oxygen Plant-Air Cryo Inc.-U.S.A

This is a modern plant producing liquid oxygen ,nitrogen and argon by air liquefaction and fractional distillation with a production capacity of 10more

Leading manufacture and supplier of cryogenic liquefied products

Our Clients

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